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Telenav Enterprise solutions are perfect for organizations that want increased visibility and control of their operations. Our award-winning GPS tracking hardware and software continually sets new standards for workforce, fleet and asset management for a wide range of applications.

Telenav Enterprise solutions are deployed quickly and affordably, and allow customers to scale up to meet ever-increasing needs...because you don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

For Your Workforce
Keep Your Workforce Working
Telenav’s handset-based solutions let you make sure your mobile workers are where they’re supposed to be, when they’re supposed to be there. And you’ll be amazed at the impact this has on your operations.

Fine Earth Landscape is saving $88,000 a year in labor costs. The Anaheim Union High School District, $144,000.

Cutting unnecessary miles. Keeping a lid on overtime. Getting rid of paperwork and data entry. Tightening job estimates and tracking trends. It all creates an organization that’s better run and more profitable. And it’s all possible with Telenav’s mobile workforce solutions.

Using everyday mobile devices, workers can record their time, track mileage and complete work orders. Meanwhile, dispatchers and staff can see the exact location and status of workers and assets through a simple Web-based console. Painless to deploy, easy to use and affordable, Telenav mobile workforce management solutions keep the office and the field connected and on task.
  • Capture Time Accurately and On Time
    Processing payroll is full of inefficiency. Timesheets are often illegible or inaccurate. And overtime isn’t caught until it’s too late. With Telenav, timekeeping happens as the day goes along. Workers punch in and out remotely from their mobile devices and can apply a job number to time entries. You can see exactly where each employee was with every timestamp, ensuring absolute accuracy and eliminating timecard rounding.
  • Improve Job Management and Dispatch
    Telenav’s job management tools allows you to better track and manage your teams and job status in real time, which will increase productivity and help you to better serve your customers. Our software is designed to address the ever-increasing demands of a virtually connected workforce, driving efficiency and cost reduction through the intelligent application of technology.
  • Drive Productivity with Wireless Forms
    You can apply any of your business forms to your employee’s mobile device in moments. Employees in the field can quickly and easily enter data into their mobile device. Get new work orders, proof of delivery forms and customer signatures in real time. Easily generate reports and integrate with your existing systems in place.
  • Review Historical Activity at Any Time
    Telenav records all driver and fleet information, from routes taken, mileage used, speeding events and so forth, and puts it right at your fingertips, so you can run the reports you want with ease. You can document workers’ activities for billing or reporting purposes, or review an employee’s performance over the year. All without relying on guesswork and dealing with paperwork.
  • Integrate with Existing Systems, Like Payroll
    All information can be automatically transmitted to your existing systems already in place, such as payroll systems, eliminating piles of paper and hours of data entry. Plus, you can keep an eye out for inefficiencies, such as overtime.
You'll see why more than 8,000 businesses turn to Telenav to improve workforce productivity, reduce costs and streamline the way work gets done.

For Your Vehicles
Proven GPS Vehicle and Fleet Tracking Solutions
The potential value of GPS vehicle and fleet management to your business is enormous. Telenav makes fleet tracking and management easy, so you can quickly lower operating costs and achieve the gains in service and efficiencies you need to compete in today’s economy.

Whether you need an affordable track and trace solution or have more robust operational and fleet management needs, Telenav provides a wide range of solutions and a library of GPS devices to meet your needs. Here are a few of the key benefits that can be gained when you deploy Telenav’s GPS vehicle tracking solutions:
  • Control Fuel Costs
    GPS vehicle tracking can eliminate fuel usage the moment you start using it through the use of fleet reports showing fuel use, vehicle idling times, and mileage. It will also help you save gas by dispatching more intelligently, and by deploying the nearest vehicles to jobs and customer locations with real-time visibility.
  • Reduce Operating Expenses
    Not only does Telenav’s vehicle tracking solutions cut fuel costs, but they also help to control expenses related to vehicle maintenance, insurance claims and even the annual insurance premiums you pay.
  • Increase Productivity
    Boost productivity in the field by ensuring workers stay on task, and take efficient routes. Improve overall productivity by eliminating chatter between dispatch and workers to determine location and status. You will be able to complete more work every day and increase revenue.
  • Improve Customer Service
    Your customers will quickly appreciate your GPS fleet tracking system. You’ll be able to handle priority requests more efficiently, and communicate more accurate estimates for arrival or delivery times. And you‘ll have reports at your fingertips to help you show customers the level of service you’re providing.
  • Increase Fleet Safety
    When your drivers speed, they put a lot at risk. Increased speed is directly related to an increase in operating costs and accidents. For you, this means money out of your pocket for repairs, insurance claims, speeding tickets, higher fuel consumption and higher insurance premiums. By monitoring your driver’s behavior, you can quickly identify and correct unsafe driving practices.
  • Reduce Unauthorized Vehicle Use and Improve Recovery Are your vehicles being used for side jobs or personal use? This leads to higher fuel and repair costs. Are you able to locate vehicles should they go missing? This means service disruptions and replacement costs. Instantly flag movement of your vehicles during non-working hours and confirm that only your employees are driving your vehicles for work-related activities.
You'll see why more than 8,000 businesses turn to Telenav to improve fleet performance, reduce costs and streamline the way work gets done.

For Your Assets
Mobile Asset Management and Theft Prevention Solutions
Telenav’s asset tracking and management solutions give businesses control of remote and mobile assets, such as trailers, containers, construction equipment, generators and other moveable equipment.

Telenav combines award-winning software and a wide range of pricing packages and GPS devices to fit all of your tracking needs. Here are a few of the key benefits that can be gained by Telenav’s asset tracking and management solutions:
  • Improve Asset Utilization
    By knowing the exact location and status of your assets you will be able to improve utilization levels and streamline service operations that revolve around those assets.
  • Provide Better Reporting for Invoicing
    You’ll have real-time and historical data at your fingertips that shows when and where assets are located, making it easier to report on shipment status and ETA or bill customers for asset deployments.
  • Improve Asset Inventorying and Recovery
    Get rid of yard checks and manual systems for recording asset location. Asset tracking lets you quickly locate a specific container or trailer in a yard. Or identify locations of remote or missing assets in real time to aid in recovery and speed up re-deployment. Geofences and motion alerts let you know when assets are on the move.
You'll see why more than 8,000 businesses turn to Telenav to improve fleet performance, reduce costs and streamline the way work gets done.